MQTT Dumper (Alpha)

MQTT Dumper is a simple utility (well, console application at the moment) that I put together in about an hour to help me spy on the communication of all my IoT devices at home. Currently the utility has the below features:

  • Configurable server address (and port)
  • Dump messages to .log file (always enabled)
  • Dump messages to .csv file (optional)
  • Configurable output folder for log files
  • Ability to subscribe to a custom topic (defaults to #)

Screen Shots

For the moment MQTT-Dumper will run as a console application (shown below):

This will generate a similar log file like this:

With the CSV option enabled:


The following configuration options are available:

MQTT.ServerAddressAddress of your MQTT server
MQTT.ServerPortThe communication port to use (1889 is default)
MQTT.BaseTopicThe base topic to subscribe to (# for all)
MQTT.UsernameLogin username (blank for no auth)
MQTT.PasswordLogin password (blank for no auth)
MQTT.DumpRootFolderBase folder to dump generated files to
MQTT.DumpCSVIf “true” a csv file will be generated

These settings are found in the MQTT-Dumper.exe.config file included with the alpha release.

Source Code

At the moment MQTT-Dumper is in the alpha stage, so the code is a bit of a mess, and as a result has not been made public yet. Once I have had some time to refactor the code and have been able to use the tool a bit I will upload the code to Github :).


At the moment you can grab the alpha build on my public DropBox share listed below:

Please feel free to leave some feedback / comments below using disqus.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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