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HASS On Unraid: MQTT

This post is part of a series covering running various containers on Unraid.

In this post I will be covering getting up and running with MQTT on Home Assistant, installation is pretty simple when following the official documentation and should take no longer than a couple of minutes.

Install an MQTT Broker

The first thing you will need to do is install MQTT either as a service running on your computer, or as a Docker container, or using the Home Assistant Addon.

Personally I am running MQTT as a Docker container with the following configuration.

  • Repo: cmccambridge/mosquitto-unraid:latest
  • Port: 1883 - 1883 (TCP)
  • Path: /mosquitto/log -> /mnt/user/appdata/mosquitto/log/ (RW)
  • Path: /mosquitto/config -> /mnt/user/appdata/mosquitto/config/ (RW)
  • Path: /mosquitto/data -> /mnt/user/appdata/mosquitto/data/ (RW)

You can follow the instructions here to add \ manage user accounts.

Configuring Home Assistant


I tend to break my configuration up into component specific files (it just feels a lot cleaner to me, and makes excluding portions of configuration a lot simpler too), this is the contents of my custom/mqtt.yaml file:

# https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/mqtt/
broker: !secret mqtt_broker
username: !secret mqtt_username
password: !secret mqtt_password
port: !secret mqtt_port
discovery: true

Note: the values used for !secret ... are located in secrets.yaml


You can add the line below to your configuration.yaml file to add MQTT support:

mqtt: !include custom/mqtt.yaml

After a quick restart of Home Assistant you should now see your MQTT integration.

MQTT is working

All Done

It doesn’t get more simple than that :)

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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